These are not good "motivational tactics"

• Giving a player $1 for each point scored.

• Taking away phone or laptop for the night if they don't score at least 10 points.

• Completing a player's homework if they play well.

And now, we can add a new one:

• Forcing a player to run 1 mile for every point scored under 15 per game.

It should go without saying...

Using these kind of "motivational tactics" in an attempt to make a kid play better will never work. Instead, a player under this much pressure will become a terrible teammate, they'll get benched by the coach for throwing up wild shots, and they'll quickly develop a hatred for the sport.


Know how to move to get yourself open and also to get your teammates open.  A hard cut to the basket can work wonders.  Learn how to space yourself to make the defense work harder.  A basket cut will free up an open area on the court.  Please don't run to the 3 point line and stop.  Telephone poles are easy to guard.  How hard is it to catch a rabbit?  Be a rabbit on the court.

 I was recently sitting next to an NBA scout watching some very talented 18 year old players.  One player kept on making great plays and was piling up the points.  The scout never said a word about this player until he pouted after not receiving a pass when he was open.  His immediate response was "did you see his reaction" - "BAD ATTITUDE".

Your body language says everything when you are on and off the court.  If you are not willing to get in a stance on defense, it must be assumed you are not interested in helping your team defend.  Coaches can't coach attitude and energy, it's on the player.

The fun way to play basketball.

Been watching USA U-17 and U-18 games vs International teams.  The US players seek contact when going for contested layups far better than their competition.  That stood out.  Practice finishing through contact.

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