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Statue of Liberty-Holding ball over head.

Turtle-Hunching over ball.

Quick stop/Jump Stop-2 ways to stop on 2 feet.-Strong & balanced - Use back brakes.Stance-Put elbows just above knees-Raise up a little bit. Back straight.

1 second rule-Do something with the ball immediately.

P-Dribbling - Purposeless dribbling. Loss of explosion/Defense gets set.

Rolling crossover - Best way to get down court dribbling with speed & vision, under control.

Goldilocks-hands & feet ready - Just right passes. Receiver of pass - needs to be ready.

Elbow pivot/Fist pivot-Way to remember how to pivot. Lead with elbow or fist. Stay low.

Pound dribble - Dribble ball hard. Have a good surface area & keep hand on ball as long as you can

Run - Get in the habit of running full speed.

1,2,3,4/Scissors/Washing Machine - Foot & leg exercises to develop quick feet.

Break 3 - Receiver creates passing lane.

Hot spot rebounding - Spot where ball is most likely to go on a shot.

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