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Be dressed, on the floor, ready for practice, on time, every day. Hard work & enthusiasm rule.

Warm up & work on your weaknesses & shoot free throws when you take the floor until organized practice begins.

Work hard to improve yourself without having to be forced. Have fun without clowning. You develop only by doing your best.

When a coach blows the whistle, give him your undivided attention & respond immediately without disconcerting in any manner.

Move quickly to get in position to start a new drill.

Do things the way you have been told & not have to be told every day. Correct habits are formed only through continued repetition of the perfect model.

Be clever, not fancy. Good, clever play brings praise while fancy plays bring ridicule & criticism.

When group activity is stopped to correct 1 individual, all pay close attention so that you will not require the same correction.

Condition comes from hard work during practice.

Poise, confidence, & self control comes from being prepared.

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