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Does pickup basketball mean a lack of discipline & hard work & proper fundamentals, the things that traditional coaches value over everything else. Then how does playing on asphalt for 2-3 hours in a row in 100-degree temperatures not embody hard work and discipline? Anyone can spend their summers in an air conditioned gym shooting uncontested jump shots; is that really discipline and hard work? Players who succeed in pickup games with unfamiliar teammates and opponents are players who have a good basketball understanding and good all-around skills. When you play pickup games there are times that you are the tallest player on your team and must defend post players, and times when you are one of the shorter players or acknowledged as the best ball handler or passer and play as a point guard. You have to have adaptable skills. You have to be able to play with players who do not space the floor as you would like or who cut when you are driving. You have to run a pick-and-roll as a ball handler and a screener. Players should have the skills and understanding to be a ball handler, a post player, or a spot-up shooter.. Furthermore, the players who continue to play pickup games in hot weather and after their competitive careers are finished are the ones who truly love to play the game.

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The BBA of Brookfield CT will have youth Basketball teams in the FCBL.